Anniversary Event: Fortune Lakescape


In the Fortune Lakescape, lords will visit the hometown of mysterious creatures, and explore for fabulous treasures.

Fortune Token

The Fortune Tokens are used as the currency of the Fortune Lakescape. Lords can use them to roll dice or draw Fate Cards.

The Fortune Tokens can be obtained by completing daily Trials, or purchasing bundles.

Roll Dice OR Draw Card

Lords can choose to roll the dice, or draw a Fate Card in the bottom right corner of the event interface.

The number you roll decides how many tiles forward you go, and you will win the prize of the tile you land on. While Fate Cards have various effects on the dice rolling, so be sure to check the Fate Card Deck in the "?" on the right side of the event title.

Note: When you already have a Fate Card and obtain another one, the former effect will be replaced. As the Fate is always untouchable, sometimes the Fate you get may not be the one you desire.

Lakescape Level

There are 4 levels in the Lakescape. When you roll dice and explore enough laps, the Lakescape will be upgraded, tremendously improving the rewards on every tile.

Note: The Fortune Token will be reserved while the process of Lakescape will be reset after the event.

Lucky Number

Every time when lords roll dice, the gold in the jackpot will accumulate. When you roll the same number 3 times, the Lucky Number will be activated, and you will get a certain percentage of gold from the jackpot.

You can check the jackpot information in the upper left of the event interface.

Fortune Code

Every time that you get a Fate Card, a chance to get a Fortune Code will be accumulated, you can use it in the Fortune House at the bottom left of the event interface.

The real Fortune Code will be revealed every day. If you are lucky enough to have the same one, you will be the Lucky Dog!

Lakescape Leaderboard

The most active lords will be remembered by the Lakescape and written into the Leaderboard. The admiration and praise of all lords are the best rewards for them!