Territory Rules Adjustment Notice


Esteemed Lord,

After the 11.5.0 update, in order to provide you with a better gaming experience and maintain the balance of the game, we have made adjustments to the Territory gameplay.

I. Adjustments to Alliance Resources:

1. Reduced the resources obtained from Alliance Resource Points, and Alliance Resource Points no longer produces Alliance Merit

2. Improved the amount of alliance resources that players can obtain through gathering

3. Increased the number of Alliance Merits that players can obtain through Alliance Donations

4. Adjusted the resource consumption for building Towers

5. Adjusted the upper limit of the number of Towers corresponding to the Alliance Level

6. Adjusted the upper limit of alliance resource storage

7. Increased the upper limit of Alliance Merits obtainable by an alliance per day

II. Adjustments to Territory Rules:

1. Alliance Hospital

Before: Wounded troops will enter Alliance Hospital after a defensive battle in the alliance territory

After: As long as you are in an alliance, wounded troops from all battles in the kingdom will enter Alliance Hospital to help players reduce the cost of healing

2. Upper Limit of Alliance Hospital Capacity

Before: Related to the Alliance Level

After: Related to personal Hospital capacity. The larger the personal Hospital capacity, the larger the Alliance Hospital capacity

3. City Teleport

Before: You cannot teleport into enemy territory

After: You can teleport to any position, including the territory of an enemy alliance

4. Territory Restrictions

Before: Peace Shield can be opened in enemy territory

After: Peace Shield cannot be opened in enemy territory

5. Construction

Before: 1 troop can start the construction

After: The number of troops in the building must be greater than 10,000 before construction can begin

6. Added healing coins, which can be used to treat wounded soldiers in the Alliance Hospital

If you have any questions, please contact us through Customer Service!

Merlin and the KoA Team