How to Choose an Alliance


------------Author: Qirhen the Mysterious One------------

Starting your stronghold can be difficult alone. Therefore, it is important to find a strong Alliance to help you grow. You may also create your own Alliance. Stronghold Levels 1-5 can create an alliance for 200 Gold, and levels 6+ can create an alliance for free.

Tip: Creating your own alliance requires more time & effort than simply joining an existing alliance in the kingdom.

To join an alliance, tap the alliance icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

In your kingdom, you will see many alliances to choose from. A strong alliance will deter enemies from attacking, as well as assist your growth. The Alliance Type is automatically set to match the Alliance leader's, but can be modified at any point.

Tip: Alliances vary by power and number of active members. Choose a high-powered Alliance that matches your Type.

You are free to change between alliances as you please, but you must always leave your current alliance first. To do so, tap on alliance at the bottom of your screen, then go to 'manage' and tap leave.

Tip: Remember you are only permitted to be in one alliance at any time.

Being in an alliance also provides the useful Alliance Resource Buildings, once built. These help you gather resources more quickly, and since they cannot be attacked, they are a safe haven for troops.

Tip: Alliances provide many benefits such as: increased growth opportunities, protection, and friendship.