11.5.0 Update Announcement



Mega optimizations for Alliance Territory related functions.

1. Changed the Teleport rules: Lords can teleport to anywhere including the territory of another alliance.

2. Changed the Peace Shield rules: When you are in the territory of another alliance, you can't activate the Peace Shield.

3. Changed the Alliance Fortress rules: The first Alliance Fortress can be placed anywhere on the map without the Fortress Foundation.

4. Changed the requirement to place the first Alliance Fortress: When the member quantity and alliance power reach the requirement, you can place the first Fortress.

5. Adjusted the upper limit of the Alliance Hospital: Will be related to the individual hospital capacity.

6. Changed the wounded rules to enter the Alliance Hospital: All those wounded by battles in the kingdom will enter the Alliance Hospital first.

7. New Alliance Hospital curation method: You can spend Healing Coins to heal wounded troops.

8. Changed the requirements necessary to place alliance buildings: 10, 000 or more troops are needed for construction.

Optimized the alliance resources production:

1. Increased the alliance resources obtained by gathering.

2. Adjusted the consumption to place Alliance Towers.

3. Adjusted the Alliance Tower quantity unlocked by upgrading Alliance level.

4. Adjusted the upper limit of resources the alliance can store.

5. Increased the quantity of Alliance Merit obtained by donating to Alliance Research.

6. Increased the daily upper limit of Alliance Merit that can be obtained.

7. Adjusted the quantity and distribution of resources on the map.

8. Reduced the resources obtained from Alliance Resource Points, and Alliance Resource Points no longer produces Alliance Merit.


1. Greatly increased the speed with which enemy alliance towers are demolished.

2. Added Healing Coin rewards in the Daily Rewards Chests.

3. Optimized the rules of Alliance Hospital capacity.

To avoid any inconvenience or losses caused by the difference between the old and new versions, we strongly recommend that you update the game to the newest version.

When the new version becomes available, you can update it on the App Store or Google Play to experience fantastic new features! Please note that update release times vary between App Stores in different countries. There may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA Team