Who Will Be The KvK Dominator?


The Anniversary Celebration is coming to an end, and the final war, the KvK - Anniversary Edition is about to begin!

In the KvK event beginning on July 31st, the bravest lords will be awarded by the generosity of the Lady of Lake:

Exclusive Rewards for Individual Invasion Kills: The TOP3 lords who slay the most enemies during the Invasion will be granted permanent accolades respectively: KvK Dominator, KvK Slayer and KvK Star. You are invincible on the battlefield!

Exclusive Rewards for Alliance Invasion Kills: All allies (during the Invasion) of the alliance which kill the most enemies will be granted a permanent accolade: Legion Predator. You are destined to be the sharpest spear of goddess!

Note: The final rank is based on the Invasion Ranking. The rewards will be sent within 3 working days via in-game mail.

What's more, all the lords that receive rewards will be noticed in and out of the game. Their fame will be spread all over Avalon.

The fight is about to begin, unsheathe your weapon and battle for glory!