KoA Development Diary


Greetings Lords! This development diary will focus on sharing with you the progress of the Portal Challenge and the UAC Event.

I. Portal Challenge Optimization

For the Portal Challenge, we have been focusing on improving three issues: donation methods, difficulty level, and rewards. These are three issues that have received the most feedback from players.

i. Donation Methods

To make it easier for all players to participate, donations will no longer have an upper limit. When donations reach 900, other players can still donate to receive rewards for participating in the event. The opening conditions of the Portal Challenge remain unchanged, you can open it after donations reach 900.

ii. Difficulty

We have adjusted the difficulty of each level of the Portal Monster in the portal, we hope it is now more reasonable.

iii. Rewards

Participation Reward: As before this latest optimization, you can still get a participation reward by donating or participating in the portal attack. We have optimized the reward, which will be more valuable than before.

Additional Rewards: We have canceled the mechanism of additional rewards based on the points ranking. After optimization, every player participating in the Portal Challenge will receive the same additional rewards. The more players participating in the battle, the more advanced additional rewards will be unlocked.

The optimized Portal Challenge is expected to be released in early September. By then players will be able to view more detailed event rules on the event interface, so stay tuned!

II. UAC Event Return

At present, we have basically determined the design plan for UAC and started development. We have integrated the UAC activity mechanism into the territory gameplay and redeveloped it on the premise of keeping the UAC activity mechanism as close to the original as possible. Based on the current development forecast, the event is expected to be in Beta Testing by mid-October. At that time, some players will have the opportunity to participate in the test. We look forward to your comments and feedback!


Q1. If Rapid Training (300% training buff) is not activated and it is activated after the next Excalibur Invasion ends, will the training buff be accumulated?

A: Yes, it will be accumulated.

Q2. What should I do if I encounter inaccurate or clumsy translations in the game?

A: We have already started to optimize the translation problem. Since the game involves a wide variety of unique vocabulary words, we need your cooperation to help us more accurately find out the specific content that has the translation problem and fix it. When you encounter inaccurate translation issues or errors in the game, please take a screenshot and provide feedback to the customer service as soon as possible. Thank you for your support! We hope to provide every player with accurate and eloquent in-game content and a well-functioning Chat system.

We will continue to share with you the development and optimization progress of the event. If you have further questions, please provide feedback through the customer service channel. We will also answer you through customer service or in the form of the Development Diary.