KoA Development Diary


Greetings Lords! This development diary will mainly introduce you to the UAC features that you are most concerned about at present. We hope this may help you better understand the UAC event in advance.

I. UAC Introduction

UAC is a large-scale event carried out by the alliance. Each alliance will be evaluated via competition for and collection of ore. The event contains five stages, Registration, Preparation, Matching, Combat, and Settlement. The process has not changed from the original UAC.

i. Difference

In the original version of UAC, the alliance buildings are directly used to hold ore, while the new version will be using the event-specific building, Ore Storage. Alliance leaders will place the Ore Storages according to the rules. Registration can only be carried out after all 6 of these buildings have been placed.

ii. Brief Introduction

-During each round of competition, eligible alliances can participate in registration.

-(New) During the registration phase, each alliance needs to place 6 Ore Storages as required; the Storages will be automatically recycled after each event, and they can be placed again in the UAC next event.

-After registration is successful, each alliance will be matched with a reasonable opponent according to the rules.

-Before the start of the UAC, each Ore Storage will automatically add an initial 100,000 ore, so each alliance will have 600,000 initial ore.

-Entering the competition stage, players will be able to choose to defend the Ore Storage of their alliance to earn points, alternatively, they can choose to loot ore from a kingdom in the opponent's alliance to earn points.

-You can attack the Ore Storage of opposing alliance individually or rally. You can also attack the cities of players in the opposing alliance.

-During the event, troops that are killed or wounded by matched opponents will enter the special national hospital. After the event, they will all be resurrected for free; if, however, the casualties during the event are caused by non-matched opponents then the troops will not enter the national hospital.

UAC is expected to conduct a Beta Test in several kingdoms in mid-October. We will provide players with a more detailed introduction to the gameplay before it goes live. At the same time, players participating in the Beta Test will be able to learn about the specifics through the event rules. Players who participate in the test will have the opportunity to submit their feedback and suggestions.

II. Modification of Territory

Recently, we have also received feedback and suggestions from players regarding Territory. After discussion and analysis, we made some adjustments to several of the facets reported by players. Some adjustments have already taken effect.

1. We hope to give players more options to plan and construct their own alliances. Therefore, we canceled the setting of the first alliance fortress being placed on the Fortress Foundation. Players can choose where to place the fortress by themselves. However, we have received reports from some players that some alliances use this mechanism to seize Castles of other alliances. In response to this situation, we have adjusted the mechanism for attacking Castles. An alliance's level cannot be lower than the Castle level before the corresponding Castle can be attacked. This adjustment is currently online.

2. The number of alliance towers that can be constructed daily is limited, and the construction time of each tower is short, causing some players to be unable to complete the daily construction tasks of the alliance. In response to this situation, we will update the 11.8 version (updated on September 8) to optimize the overall construction mechanism so that players can complete daily construction tasks and get the alliance medal reward.

If you have further questions, please provide feedback through the customer service channel. We will answer your questions and concerns via customer service or in the form of the Development Diary. Thanks for your support!