King of Avalon Development Diary – KvK


We received a lot of feedback on KvK during the last 2 months, and it was mostly about matching and rewards. We decided to focus on these two issues, and have a clearer idea on how we want to improve these two aspects. Please feel free to let us know how you feel through the customer service once the changes go live.

I. Matching

We plan to develop a set of transparent matching rules, so that players will be able to immediately tell how strong or weak an opponent is, and why they were matched against them. We will also add some fair and balanced systems to narrow the power gap between matched players.

II. Combat Experience

Some players mentioned that their opponents were too strong or too weak and that the KvK mode is becoming less enjoyable because it hasn't seen any new changes. We plan to add more dynamic content to KvK, such as giving weaker Kingdoms special perks, and giving stronger Kingdoms a little more trouble. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the greater the benefits, regardless of Kingdoms. There are several directions that we want to go in for the dynamic content, and we'll share them when we have more information.

III. Rewards

The feedback from players mainly focused on the quantity of the rewards. We plan to adjust the number of Royal Packages dynamically based on a Kingdom's KvK participation.

These are the three main improvements we have in mind, and we'll discuss them further in the Development Diary once we have detailed information. In addition to tuning, we will also add new content to Excalibur Invasions. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!