Test Schedule for New Modes in Lost Dragon Cave - Daily Fire Lands


New game modes in Lost Dragon Cave - Daily Fire Lands are expected to go online for testing on April 11. Please install the latest package in time to participate in the online test. The test schedule is as follows:

April 12: Cost-Free Mode. Teleportation and troop healing will not cost resources or Gold. But it should be noted that relevant items and Gold are still needed for speedups.

April 14: Equal Mode: All Lords engaged in this mode share the same value of 15 basic attributes in the Daily Fire Lands. Other attributes will remain as is.

April 19: Normal Mode

April 21: Cost-Free Mode or Equal Mode. Lords will discover the specific mode after entering the battlefield.

April 25 - May 6: Normal Mode, Cost-Free Mode, or Equal Mode.

Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any suggestions. After the test is over, we'll determine the official launch time and game mode based on your feedback.