Let's celebrate the coming of Avalon’s 6th anniversary when the Dragon Flame reburns!


The Dragon Flame is about to be lit and all of Avalon is looking forward to the celebration. Get a sneak peek at the interesting events, which are too good to miss.

Anniversary Memory

Event Duration: July 29th – Aug. 11th

Log in daily to receive your Anniversary gift and unlock your Anniversary Memory on the 1st/4th/7th/11th/14th day. Moreover, log in on the 14th day and you’ll receive the 6th Anniversary Accolade - Anniversary Partier.

Note: The daily login rewards cannot be claimed if you fail to enter the game and sign in on that day.

Avalon Photo Booth

Event Duration: July 29th – Aug. 11th

The Avalon Photo Booth is open! Upload the topic-related and approved pictures to get some rewards! The Lord whose artwork receives the most Likes will also win the Anniversary March Skin, rare City Skin, and other generous gifts!

Anniversary Feast

Event Duration: Aug. 3rd – Aug. 9th

The much-anticipated Exchange Store is open again, and this time, the discounts are greater than ever! During the event, you can earn Birthday Cards by killing Monsters, rallying against Barbarian Camps, and gathering or collecting Resources. Birthday Cards can be exchanged for amazing rewards. What’s more, join the Baking Bonanza event or purchase Bundles to get Cupcakes that can be exchanged for incredible rewards in the Anniversary Feast and Holiday Shop.

Fireworks Workshop

Event Duration: Aug. 5th – Aug. 9th

Merlin's beard! Your fireworks are the most popular in Avalon! Light fireworks and increase your Fireworks Progress through completing Daily Quests and Helps. When the Fireworks Progress is completed, you can get the Anniversary limited Sovereign Ruler March, Joyful City, and other exquisite Skins.

Dragon Flame Feast

Event Duration: Aug. 16th – Aug. 21st

Let's enjoy the Feast! You and your Allies can build a Feast Hall and get Ingredients by completing Daily Quests. Cook delicious Dishes there and donate them to upgrade the Alliance Feast level, and you’ll receive generous feast rewards! Please note that the shelf life of all Ingredients and Dishes is only 1 day, so be sure to use them in time.