Brief Intro to Phantom Isles


1. Event begins: First round of online testing begins from 12-16 September, when Lords in K5001-K5200 will be invited. The regular Lost Dragon Cave in the rest of the Kingdoms will not be affected.

2. How to join: Players can join by Solo Match

3. Number of times to join per day: Unlimited

4. Number of rewards: up to 2 participation rewards + 1 victory reward per day

5. Time per match: 10 min

Lineup Deployment

1. Players need to customize heroes, troops, and Talents. The settings cannot be changed once a match starts.

2. Heroes' stats will be exactly the same as the player's current heroes. Other stats will not be reflected in this event.

3. Troops losses in this event will not affect player's actual power.

4. Talents are passive; each team is allowed 1 Talent, and the two Teams cannot choose the same Talent.

Playmode Rules

1. Victory conditions: The Team with the Dragon Egg wins when the timer ends. If neither Team has the Dragon Egg, the game ends in a draw.

2. How to acquire Dragon Egg: The Dragon Egg will first appear at the Dragon's Lair in the center of the map; the first Team to reach and take the Dragon Egg will hold the Dragon Egg

3. Taking over Dragon Egg: When the Team with the Dragon Egg is defeated, the Dragon Egg will disappear for a period before reappearing in a random Dragon's Lair

4. Team recovery: A defeated Team will enter a Recovering period; when the period ends, the Team will respawn and recover

5. Blessing skills: Every once in a while a Spirit’s Blessing will appear on the battlefield. Lords who pick it up will be bestowed a powerful Blessing, which may help change the tide of war. The same Blessing skill will only take effect once and will not be stacked.

6. Marching rules: Teams can only move to adjacent Isles, once the marching command is initiated, the March cannot be revoked. If an enemy force is encountered on the march, there will be combat.

7. Battle rules: All battles will be 1v1. In addition to encounters, battles will occur when both Teams arrive at the same Isle. If there is more than one Team staying on the Isle, the last Team that arrives at the building will launch the battle against the existing Team first.