Binding an account


------------Author: Fairman the Heartbreaker------------


Account binding is a mechanism provided in King of Avalon to ensure the protection of your game progress while playing across platforms or in case a player wishes to switch devices. You can bind a game account to Google Play store, Facebook or other social networks/Instant messaging apps depending on country of origin of the player.

------------Getting started:------------

To know which platform is available as a binding option for your account, click on your avatar in game then click on settings followed by account and then lastly click on account management. The following screen should be visible where a player can view the options available for binding.

------------Different ways to bind account:------------

Depending on your platform, you can choose to bind your game account to Playstore, Facebook etc for Android devices and Facebook, Game Center for iOS users. Additionally, certain players would also be able to utilize the kingsgroup registration to bind their accounts to. This feature is currently limited to few kingdoms only. To bind, simply click on the bind option on the desired platform and enter the account details to which you wish to bind your game data.