Aura Mechanics Now Implemented!


We have implemented the new "Aura" mechanic in version 14.9.1. By using the Aura items and activating them, the castles will appear to have an aura around them on the Kingdom map. The Aura provides some benefits to allies in its radius.

In order to allow more players experience the Aura's effects and looks, we have made some special adjustments to the Leaderboard Rewards of Dragon Chest event from December 9 to 13.

The top 5 on the Cross-Kingdom Leaderboard will receive a limited-time Aura item that provides benefits for a 4x4 radius. The top 30 Lords of the All-Kingdoms Leaderboard can receive a powerful 8x8 limited-time Aura item.

Seize the opportunity! Join the Dragon Chest event and become the first in your Kingdom to activate an Aura!