Calling all KOA Chroniclers!


The epic battle for KOA S2 is underway, filled with thrilling encounters, ingenious strategies, and heartwarming moments across alliances and kingdoms. Now is your chance to showcase your talents and share these unforgettable stories! Join the esteemed KOA Chronicler team and immortalize these incredible moments for all players. Plus, there's an opportunity to win exclusive and lavish rewards!

Event Rules:

Participate in the comment section of this Facebook post, 【TAP HERE】 for more information, sharing your Kingdom and UID. Don't forget to include the text, and feel free to enrich your submission with captivating pictures and videos.

Content: Whether it's a battle strategy, S2 tips and tricks, a triumphant victory, a heartbreaking defeat, or even a heartfelt mail about battle preparedness, all are welcome! Share unforgettable stories like memorable player quotes, funny moments, and heartwarming companionship.

Event Duration: From 8th of June 2023, 00:00 UTC to 18th June 2023, 23:59 UTC. We will announce the first set of winning entries on 19th June.


All selected entries will receive a generous $10 in-game package and may even be featured in our community.

Our absolute top 3 favorites will receive a fantastic $50 Amazon gift card, an exclusive in-game package, and recognition across our social media channels. There may even be opportunities for long-term collaboration!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance to become a KOA Chronicler. Unleash your creativity, share your adventures, and seize the rewards that await you!