16.3.0 Update Announcement


What's New:

1. New combat heroes: Bowmen hero Maledisant, Infantry hero Sir Marrok are here! Combat heroes have mostly march skills, along with 6 combat support skills. All skills can be used in marches or garrisons.

2. Raising combat heroes: Heroes can be enhanced with fragments and Hero EXP. Hero skills can be upgraded with Hero Fragments and Hero Skill Scrolls.

Optimizations and adjustments:

1. Combat Heroes tab added in the Hero Roster. Players can switch between the tabs.

2. Battle report: "Heroes kills" info added to troop summary, showing the number of kills made by heroes on both sides.

When the new version becomes available, you can update it on your application store to experience the fantastic new features! Please note that update release times vary between application stores in different countries. There may be a slight delay for some users.

See you on the battlefield!

The Council of Avalon