16.4.0 Update Announcement


What's New:

1. The 7th Anniversary Event: Poet Laureate Contest. Listen to their songs and vote to earn rewards based on their total votes.

2. Anniversary Celebration: Crystal Wishes.

3. New look for the Anniversary Celebration: City Skins, Wings, Ornaments, and Portraits await!

4. New Equipment: Firmament Equipment.

5. Better ways to upgrade: Firmament equipment can be activated and enhanced by Enigma Ingot.


1. Adjustments to event and store rewards:

- Replace Meteorite Iron with Gold Summoning Horn in the rewards of Royal Arena, Fire Lands, Kingdom Tourney and Alliance Hunt.

2. Replace Smaragd Ingot with Enigma Ingot in the Auction House.

3. Replace Nightfall Ingot with Smaragd Ingot and Lunalith Ascendant Scroll with Glade Ascendant Scroll in the Alliance Store.

When the new version becomes available, you can update it on your application store to experience the fantastic new features! Please note that update release times vary between application stores in different countries. There may be a slight delay for some users.

See you on the battlefield!

The Council of Avalon