PVE for beginners


------------Author: Samm the Outsider------------

PvE is divided into two parts, monsters and barbarian rallies.

Open kingdom map and you will see different monster starting from dire wolves, goblins hell hound, lizardmen, cyclops and dragons.

Monsters have to be killed in a sequence, you start from lvl 1 then 2 then 3 as you continue, you can’t skip a level.

Barbarian camps are different from monsters where it takes two or more people to rally on a camp

It depends on the total number of troops you have and the overall total power.

The two options for getting monsters and barbarians are

Open kingdom map and slowly search for desired monsters or barbarians

Open kingdom map, on the bottom left select Hunt which will show you the ones closest to you.

Monsters and barbarians require stamina to be able to do them

Stamina generates over time and how fast it generates depends on

Level of stamina recovery research

Talent points having stamina recovery active under balance.

Appointing the 2-star Hero, Sir Gaheris.

Use Lord stamina to quickly refill your stamina

You can get lord stamina from

Market place.

Getting cards in the Zodiac wheel.

Merlin’s gift.

3rd day of gold event.

Troops always move faster when you do not include siege in your troops.