------------Author: The Eternal History Grower------------

Fortress Teleport: You receive two in the mail upon joining your first alliance. Using it will move you near the Alliance Fortress- you are unable to select the location. Fortress teleports can also be purchased in the alliance store for 150,000 funds.

Random teleport: This places your Stronghold on a random location on the map. These are given out weekly as a login bonus. You may also purchase in the alliance store for 50,000 funds, earn them as quest rewards, or purchase in the marketplace for 500 gold (occasionally found for 300 gold premium offer).

Advanced teleport: This teleport allows you to move your stronghold to a specific location of your choosing on the map. You can purchase these in the alliance store for 200,000 funds. These are also available in Alliance Teleport packs (which provide an advanced teleport for all alliance members). They can occasionally be purchased at the marketplace for 1900 gold or with a premium draw as low as 1200 gold! You are able to use an Advanced Teleport scroll to move to your desired location, or pay 2,000 gold to move in place of the Advanced Teleport scroll.

The alliance pack is a great way to stock up on Advanced Teleports. The Alliance Teleport pack can be purchased in the GOLD TOP-UP pack and will provide you and every member in your alliance an advanced teleport.