New Hero System Guide


In the upcoming version 8.6.0, the Mage Legion is planning to optimize the Hero System, which will make upgrading Heroes more convenient:

1. Hero Star requirements removed for upgrading Heroes and unlocking Hero Skills

In version 8.6.0, we will get rid of Star limits for upgrading Heroes so that even a 1-Star Hero can be upgraded to the maximum level.

Meanwhile, unlocking Skills will also not be restricted by a Hero's Star level. When your Hero reaches the required level, you can easily unlock Hero Skills by using a few Hero fragments.

If you have a Hero which already meets the Star requirement but haven't yet unlocked the Skill due to an insufficient Hero level, the Skill will unlock automatically when you update to version 8.6.0.

Example: You have a level 40 Hero with 5 Stars but you can't unlock the 5th Skill because the level required is level 45. In version 8.6.0, the 5th Skill will be unlocked automatically.

2. Reduced cost of Hero Fragments to upgrade Hero's Star level

In version 8.6.0, the cost of Hero Fragments to upgrade a Hero's Star level will be reduced. It will be easier to acquire a high star Hero.

The benefits obtained from Hero Skills and Unique Skills will be enhanced by upgrading the Hero's Star level.

3. Hero Power & Lord Power

The Hero Score will be changed to Hero Power, becoming an important part of Lord Power.

Furthermore, all Heroes you collect will contribute to your Lord Power, no matter whether or not they are appointed to the Hero Council, assigned for a march or idle.

4. Increased probability of summoning advanced Heroes & Hero Soul Shop

The Summoning Circle will be imbued with new power and the probability of summoning advanced Heroes will increase! However, this power will not always be generous with its rewards: sometimes Lords will summon fragments for Heroes which have already been upgraded to their maximum Star level and whose Skills are already unlocked.

However, these fragments can be given a new use: Hero Soul Shop.

You can dismantle fragments to get a Soul Shard, and exchange them for Hero EXP, Hero Skill Scrolls and even rare Hero fragments.

Entrance: Hero - Fragments - Hero Soul Shop

5. Skill optimization of Heroes: Tristan and Sir Bedivere

Tristan and Sir Bedivere are the most loyal Heroes fighting in service of novice Lords. In version 8.6.0, their Skills will be enhanced to enable novice Lords to quickly adapt to the bloody battlefields of Avalon.