Anniversary Feast Invitation


Esteemed Lord,

A most joyous day approaches! The Anniversary Feast of Avalon is about to begin, we warmly invite you to join the celebration: eat, drink, and be merry!

Anniversary Feast

During the event you will kill Monsters, rally Barbarian Camps and gather Resources to earn Birthday Cards that can be exchanged for marvelous rewards in the Birthday Shop.

Join the Baking Bonanza event or purchase bundles to win Cupcakes that can be exchanged for phenomenal rewards in the Cake Shop.

Baking Bonanza

These cupcakes are full of hopeful wishes! Complete anniversary quests to earn luxurious rewards!

Celebration Calendar

A long awaited feast deserves some patience! Log in every day for 2 weeks and, when the Celebration comes, you will be rewarded with a unique Anniversary decoration!

Note: Login rewards need to be claimed every day, they cannot be replenished.

Photo Contest

The uploading period of the Photo Contest will close on July 1st, don't forget to share your treasured memories with Lords from all over the world!