Cast the Spell of Ocean!


When gods still governed the world, the vast ocean was dominated by Poseidon.

All that resided in the depths belonged to this god of Ocean: the wealth of sunken cites, the strange seafloor plants, and the songs of the enchanting mermaids.

The war between the gods never ceased, but few dared to encroach on Poseidon's territory. He commanded almost infinite divine power, holding aloft his radiant trident, conjuring violent winds and raging waves, destroying his foes!

Now the Poseidon Stronghold Skin is included in the Dragon Chest, join the Dragon Chest event and spin the wheel to win rare rewards. But that's not all...

If you earn 2000 points or more, and become one of your Kingdom's Top 10 Lords on the leaderboard, you'll receive a permanent Poseidon Stronghold Skin! If you have what it takes to join the Top 10 on the leaderboard for all Kingdoms, you'll receive a permanent Legendary Poseidon Stronghold Skin!

Event Duration: 10.23 00:00 UTC - 10.28 00:00 UTC

Click the [Dragon Chest] icon on the main interface to join the event.

The Poseidon's March will only be released for a limited time. Join [Lancelot's Treasure] event and recharge continually for 5 days, then you can win this exclusive march!

You can get a preview in Stronghold - Appearance - March.

Event Duration: 10.23 00:00 UTC - 10.29 00:00 UTC