Anniversary Event: Long Night Circus


The Long Night Circus is an Alliance event. Lords need to launch Rallies with allies to defeat the Crazy Jesters, stop Morgana's evil conspiracy, and win rich rewards including Stronghold Skins.

Event Entrance: Anniversary Show - Long Night Circus

Rally against Crazy Jesters

Cost: Every time when you launch a Rally against the Jester, it costs a Long Night Circus Ticket (no Stamina cost). Every day when you login and enter the event, you can claim 3 free Tickets. You may also purchase bundles if you need more Tickets.

Note: You can only launch or join one Rally at the same time.

Rally Rewards: Every time when you defeat the Jester, you will get a kill reward and a Raffle chance, which can be used in the event interface.


Raffle chance: earned from killing Crazy Jesters. Chances can be accumulated.

Prize pool: chance to win decorations including Stronghold Skin, March Skin and Accolade, and other rare items including Royal Badge.

Tips: The more participants you rally, the better the Raffle rewards. A rally with 3 or more participants has a chance to get the Anniversary Accolade and limited-time Stronghold Skin.


Killing Points: Every Jester defeated grants you 100 points.

Point Rewards: When you reach the Point Targets, you can claim point rewards including a permanent March Skin! (claimed manually in the Rankings interface)

Rank Rewards: The top 20 Lords with the highest points in the Kingdom will earn special rewards!