King of Avalon Development Diary – Improvements


We've started tuning some parts of the game based on the improvements suggested by players. They will be added to the game in future updates.

I. Under Development:

i. Fixing a bug where a large amount of Food is consumed when a player leaves an Alliance Territory.

ii. Added store exchange reminders and notifications: Trial Shop, Spire Loot, and Undead Trader now have reminders for when something is out of stock, making it easier for players to exchange items.

iii. Players will now receive a notification during Alliance Treasure Hunts to avoid a situation when a payment was made, but no points were accumulated.

iv. Rally has been improved so that the rally list no longer becomes the active screen whenever a new rally starts, making it easier for players to join a Company they want to when participating in Alliance Hunt or other events.

II. Being Scheduled:

i. Players will be able to restrict troop types when starting a rally, making it easier to control the Company.

ii. More tabs will be added to Training Grounds.

iii. Tomes of War will have more settings for players to switch.

iv. Alliance mail will have a "copy to sender" option.

v. The monster search feature will be optimized.

vi. An option to translate the King's and the Alliance's Declaration will be added.

Please feel free to let us know how you feel through customer service. We will also do our best to answer via customer service or the Development Diary.