It's time for the Dragon Flame Feast!


The greatest event of Dragon Flame Festival, the Dragon Flame Feast is about to begin! Gather Ingredients by completing daily quests, make great Dishes and donate them to bring up the Feast level, and get rich rewards.

Important: The Dragon Flame Feast is an Alliance event. First donation of Ingredients will bind the player to the current Alliance. Changing Alliances during the event will revoke the player's ability to participate in the event. Returning to the event-bound Alliance will allow the player to continue with the event.

When the event begins, the Alliance Leader or R4 members can place the Feast Hall in the Alliance Territory.

All Alliance members can acquire specific Ingredients and cook Dishes by completing daily quests or purchasing Feast Bundles. Lords can complete quests on the "Daily Menu" through Dish donations. This also provides rewards, Donation Points, and Alliance Feast progress.

Note: High-end ingredients have very short expiry windows. Remember, Ingredients and Dishes will disappear at UTC 00:00 of the following day, so cook and donate them in time.

The Ingredient Choice Chests and Ingredient Random Chests in the Feast Bundles can be used to preserve food. They will disappear only when the event ends. Opening the chests to get the Ingredient will make those Ingredients expire at UTC 00:00 of the following day however.

If you have extra Ingredients of one kind and lack another, you can use "Exchange" function to exchange Ingredients with Alliance members.

Alliance Leaders or R4 members can start the Alliance Feast for the first time when the Feast Progress reaches level 2. The Feast takes 5 minutes to prepare and lasts 11 minutes. It can be held once per day. Counter resets at UTC 00:00 of the next day.

Alliance members can send troops to the Feast Hall and join the Feast when it starts. The Feast Camps of every participating Lord will generate one reward for the Camp owner every 2 minutes.

When there are no fewer than 5 Lords together at the Feast, a Great Reward will be generated at a random Camp every 4 minutes. Only one member of the Alliance can claim the reward; first come first serve.

There will be a Great Reward for every 5 participants at the Feast.

Note: The Participation Reward and the Great Reward will disappear at the end of the Feast. Remember to claim them on time!

The Feast has started. Share these delicacies with your friend and celebrate the Dragon Flame Festival together!