KoA available on PC!


Tired of playing on a tiny phone screen? Can't fight to your fullest extent in PvP?

Annoyed at emulator crashes, and your opponent escapes just before you defeat them?

No more of those! KoA PC is coming soon! Here are some features of the PC version.

Go to the KoA official website to download:

1. Synchronized data. KoA PC and mobile data will be synchronized so you can log into your mobile account through your PC.

2. Smoother controls. We made special optimizations for the KoA PC version. Dragging and zooming have never been smoother. Click response time will be quicker as well.

3. Easier updates. KoA PC has an auto-updater. The PC client will download new content whenever a new version is publish. You can play normally as it updates, so don't worry.