Your economic advisor is here!


A Lord needs helpers to grow quickly. A group of powerful generals from the Heroes Council is needed for defense, but an intelligent and quick-witted advisor is needed for internal economic growth.

Many Lords are troubled by calculating the scores in upgrading Equipment or Gemstones, or balancing the increase in Power with the resource and time costs of upgrading Buildings and training troops. It is time that all your woes will be answered!

Your personal Economic Advisor, the KoA Calculator is here!

You can use the KoA Calculator by logging into your FunPlus account and character.

Enter the level of the Building you wish to upgrade in the Buildings tab, and the time and resources needed for the upgrade will be displayed for you.

You can also enter the type and amount of troops to train in the Troops tab, and find how much resources and time you'll need, as well as the Power you'll gain from training them.

Entering the type of item and its target quality can help you calculate the Score and Power from the upgrade as well.

Tap the button on the left side of News Center or go to the page and hit the link to KoA Emulator to find out what your Economic Advisor has to offer.