18.2.0 Update Announcement


New Feature:

1. Brand new Mystic Gemstone is available now! Mystic Gemstones: Consume Luminous Moon Gemstones of Marvelous or higher quality and Mystic Arcana to craft brand new Mystic Gemstones! New Gemstone Enhancement Material: Mystic Gemstones and other Gemstones of higher quality can be enhanced by consuming a new enhancement material — Refining Catalyst.

2. The Collector's Chest event is about to begin! Awesome Collector's Stronghold skin is available!


1. Added information about the Castle Area to which the mine belonged during the Individual Mine season.

2. Consuming Combat Hero fragments will count towards the Hero's Highest Score event.

When the new version is available, you can download it from the app store to try out our latest and coolest features! Due to different update schedules in app stores across different countries/regions, some users might experience a slight delay. Thank you for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!