18.6.0 Update Announcement


New Feature:

S7 Mystery of the Dunes: 1. Alliance Matching: Please join Alliances that meet the requirements for this season if you want to experience this season's gameplay features. 2. Guild System: Alliances can create or join Guilds. Fight alongside other Alliances from the same Coalition and use the powerful Guild Battletowers for generous Guild rewards!

3. Guild Battletower: You can craft a personal Battletower and use it to boost the production of the mines you occupy. Joining a Guild allows you to craft and use a Guild Battletower, which significantly enhances the efficiency of defending a Castle or siege. 4. Relic Expedition: Dispatching expedition squads to explore the once-prosperous underground cities may encounter various Encounters and earn you great rewards.

5. Castle Scramble: (1) Siege Battle Time: Launching an attack on other’s Castle will be subjected to “Siege Battle Time”. The battle will be forcibly concluded when the time is over, and the Castle will be protected for a period of time. When the protection ends, another round of "Siege Battle" is triggered. (2) Durability: After depleting the Castle's durability, the Coalition that has reduced the highest amount of the Castle's durability wins, with the Castle ownership going to the Alliance or Guild that contributes the most.

Dragon Mastery Research: New Research related to the elements of Elder Dragons has arrived! Unlocking the Research increases the elemental damage caused by the Dragonspell Knight in battle. The Dragonspell Knight can receive different benefits when deploying the Elder Dragon of various elements.

Shadow Plane: The latest instance that features exciting PvP gameplay! Five rotating modes with five unique experiences, all within the Shadow Plane!


1. The Empyrean Talent now includes an editing mode. In this mode, resetting Talents will not consume any Empyrean Reset items.

2. Increases the level cap and Max Skill level of the Elder Dragon to Lv.200 and Lv.120 respectively.

When the new version is available, you can download it from the app store to try out our latest and coolest features! Due to different update schedules in app stores across different countries/regions, some users might experience a slight delay. Thank you for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

The Council of Avalon